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02/01/2016 - Food For Thought: 2/1/2016

The Real Cost of Paid Parental Leave For Businesses

– Fast Company

Fast Company explores the question; can paying an employee’s salary and benefits plus their temporary replacement ever really benefit the bottom line?


How Exactly Do The Iowa Caucuses Work?


With the first presidential litmus test finally upon us, NPR lays out the unique processes for the “first in the nation” Iowa caucuses.


This Restaurant Killed Tipping…And Now It’s Bringing It Back


A growing number of restaurants are getting rid of tipping. But, the move didn’t go as planned for one owner. CNN offers the story of one restaurant’s experience as a larger case study for the industry.


What Restaurants Can Learn From Uber’s Playbook

– Nations Restaurant News

Our own Joe Kefauver looks at lessons hourly employers can learn from Uber’s efforts to turn customers into advocates using non-traditional means.