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02/19/2016 - Food For Thought: 2/19/2016

What Happened to the Business Community’s Clout?

– Washington City Paper

The Washington City Paper looks at the success of the labor activist agenda at the local level in Washington, D.C., blaming the decline in the business community’s ability to push back on that agenda with a lack of a coordinated effort tying different industries together.


Who Are We?

– The New York Times

The New York Times’ Thomas Friedman wonders aloud why the traditional pillars of American strength seem to be under attack this election season.

Marco Rubio’s Paid Family Leave Plan May Not Work

– FiveThirty Eight

With paid leave getting more attention from the presidential candidates, FiveThirtyEight looks at how the issue is creating a problem for Republicans; they are trying to find a way to appeal to middle class voters by expanding paid leave, but without raising taxes or stipulating new regulations.

From Food To Flowers: The Push For Supply Chain Transparency

– Tech Crunch

Tech Crunch looks at how consumers are increasingly holding companies accountable for their supply chains, and examines different responses by brands to simplify and add transparency to their chains.