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03/04/2016 - Food For Thought: 3/4/2016

– The Wall Street Journal
Wall Street Journal Contributor Peggy Noonan opines that the Republican primary contest may destroy the party of Lincoln as we know it. She outlines the ways that this internal party struggle is unlike any before it, largely because the core principles and ideology that have guided the GOP for the last 50 years is absent.
– Time
Time looks at “Facebook at Work,” a version of the world’s biggest social media network where users interact only with their coworkers, and how the platform is being piloted at more than 400 different companies.
– The Washington Post
In Saudi Arabia, 90 percent of the population works for the government. This dynamic has become increasingly problematic as oil prices have plummeted, resulting in mass layoffs and unemployment in the Arab nation. But, as the Washington Post explores, the unexpected effect of this situation has been a flood of women working in the hourly restaurant and retail sector for the first time ever. It’s a development that could have an array of different business and societal impacts – from changing the way hourly employers look at operations in the middle east to helping spread the benefits of capitalism into that part of the world in new ways.
– The Economist
The Economist provides easy-to-read graphics that breakdown the remaining primary state contest, and the process by which they award delegates. The Republican candidates must navigate a complicated field of variously structured primary contests if they hope to capture the nomination. The race for the Democratic nomination is more straightforward.