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04/13/2016 - Food For Thought: 4/13/2016

 The anatomy of a fast food protest

– The Washington Times 

The Washington Times takes a deep dive into the strategy being used by America’s major labor unions to use the minimum wage issue to boost declining membership.


Labor costs push restaurants toward efficiency

– Nation’s Restaurant News

Nation’s Restaurant News looks at the restaurant industry’s increasing willingness to invest in customer-facing technology, as a mechanism to save on labor costs and make brands more competitive and efficient.


The McDonald’s NLRB case: At the intersection of hot legal and political issues

– QSR Web

QSR Web looks at how the National Labor Relations Board case involving McDonald’s and the definition of who is (or is not) an employer – and the current push for a 15 dollar an hour minimum wage – are tightly intertwined, and how that dynamic may irrevocably change the service sector economy.


How to Fix Politics

– The New York Times

The New York Times’ David Brooks makes the case that support of a political party has become almost like a person’s ethnicity, creating a culture where politics are now at the center of our psychological, emotional and even spiritual lives. This, he argues, is asking too much of politics and creating a dynamic where compromise becomes dishonor.