About 7 years ago

05/12/2016 - Food For Thought: Banking’s New Normal

Banking’s New Normal – The New Yorker
If you listened only to speeches from the Presidential campaign trail, you’re likely to come away with the strong impression that, eight years after the financial crisis, Wall Street reform has been a bust. Tell that to bankers. The New Yorker examines the increasingly dismal performance of banks and what that trend means for the economy and consumers.

Protecting Big Business – The Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal editorial page opines on the a unusual decision by the federal trade commission to block the proposed merger of Office Depot and Staples because it would unfairly harm “large employers”.

After Conventions, a Debt to Donors – The New York Times
In a first since the Watergate era, the Republican and Democratic nominating conventions will be bankrolled solely by corporations and wealthy individuals.

Where Does America’s E-waste End Up? GPS Tracker Tells All – PBS NewsHour
Dead electronics make up the world’s fastest-growing source of waste. The United States produces more e-waste than any country in the world. So where does all our e-waste go after we throw it away? PBS tells us where it all goes.