About 7 years ago

05/17/2016 - Food For Thought: Tallying the Economic Toll of Political Upheaval

Tallying the Economic Toll of Political Upheaval – The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal opinion page examines the impact that political uncertainty has on consumers, investment and the overall economy.


Fancy Starbucks Drinks and the Special Snowflakes Who Order Them – The Atlantic 

Food customization is more than a craze in America – it’s a reflection of identity. The Atlantic takes a deep dive into the trend and its associated impacts on the economy and the culture.


Why the Global 1% and the Asian Middle Class Have Gained the Most from Globalization – Harvard Business Review 

The Harvard Business Review looks at globalization and how the decline on global inequality has come at the expense of a rise in national inequality.


Siri’s Creators Want to Take on Facebook, be Your Everything, and Eat the Internet – Buzzfeed

Dag Kittlaus, a 48-year-old engineer from Norway, built the personal assistant Siri and sold it to Apple for more than $200 million. Now he wants to conquer the internet. More specifically, he wants to build you a smart personal assistant that you actually talk to, that understands you, that will become the connective tissue of your entire digital life.