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04/22/2016 - Food For Thought: States Lead the Way on Paid Family Leave

What Prompts a Country to Raise Taxes for the Rich? – The Atlantic
Income inequality and the fight over whether or not to raise taxes on wealthier Americans has been at the center of the presidential debate season. With this dynamic as a backdrop, The Atlantic examines a five-year research project (that spanned 20 countries and 200 years) by Stanford professors that concludes the only time raising taxes on the rich seems to work is immediately after a war-time draft.

The Affordable-Housing Crisis Moves Inland – Bloomberg

With the cost of rent rising and pay staying the same, Bloomberg looks at the potential for an oncoming housing crisis.

Uber Drivers Settle With Ride-Hailing Company in Labor Dispute – The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal reports on the implications of a settlement that keeps Uber’s business model largely intact and why that outcome is problematic for traditional unions as they try to find a solution to organize independent contractors.

A Manifesto To Mend Our Politics – The Washington Post

The Washington Post examines a new effort, based on government matching of private donations under $100, that may be the first step in breaking the cycle of large-money governance of Washington.