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04/26/2016 - Food For Thought: Why Presidential Candidates Are Loading Up on Ads About Equal Pay

Why Presidential Candidates Are Loading Up on Ads About Equal Pay and Abortion – Ad Week

When Donald Trump and Fox News’ Megyn Kelly butted heads at the first GOP debate last August, it was the prelude to what would become a dominant topic in this election cycle, and in campaign advertising: women.


The Future of Food Is Lab-Grown – Fortune

Lab-grown meals are quickly moving from science fiction to reality – an alarming or exciting proposition, depending on your tastes. Fortune looks at various synthetic food startups that are gaining the attention of investors as well as potential diners and chefs.


Obama’s Advisers Just Revealed an Unconventional Solution to Mass Incarceration – The Washington Post

Is the Obama administration moving toward tying a national minimum wage hike to public safety? The Washington Post looks at a new report from the White House’s Council of Economic Advisers (a group of economists and researchers charged with providing the president with analysis and advice on economic questions) that indicates raising the federal minimum wage to $12 an hour could prevent as many as half a million crimes annually.


Activist Mayors: Ted Versus the Machine – Economist 

With Republicans in control of a large swath of state legislatures, The Economist looks at so-called “activist mayors” who believe it’s their duty to use their smaller, local governments as “laboratories of democracy” for progressive policies.