About 7 years ago

09/09/2016 - Food For Thought: How Low Paying Retailers Can Adapt to Higher Minimum Wages

– The Harvard Business Review 
The Harvard Business Review outlines three strategies for how a low-wage employer can increase productivity when faced with minimum wage hikes and corresponding staffing cuts.
– Business Insider 
There’s more bad news for the beleaguered casual dining industry – a new study suggests an increasing number of young people prefer ordering from the drive-thru at restaurants because, “they don’t feel like dealing with people.”
– Philly.com
For months, the news about job growth has been good, at least nationally. But, until recently, it seemed as though the American people hadn’t yet received the memo. Now, finally, there’s a shift, with optimism on the rise, a Rutgers University study shows.
– The Washington Post
The piece suggests that the biggest threat to workers is not the gig economy but the proliferation of “alternative work arrangements” such as independent contractors and temporary workers – a block which currently represents 15.8 percent of U.S. jobs.