About 7 years ago

09/21/2016 - Food For Thought: If Trump Wins, Blame Obamacare

– The Washington Post
More than six years after becoming law, the proudest accomplishment of the Obama years is a political burden for Democrats. The general atmosphere of contempt for government that helps Trump – disdain for the weakness and incompetence of the political class – is due largely to the Affordable Care Act.
– The American Prospect
Worker movements have had success in blue cities and states in securing higher minimum wages and access to paid sick leave. Now those wins are blazing a trail for another policy for low-wage workers: the right to a fair workweek. Left-leaning activists and press plan to use New York City as a model to bring such debates into mainstream media.
– Bloomberg
For average Americans, hiring a financial adviser doesn’t make sense because the cost of the advice can easily exceed any benefit seen in your bottom line. Bloomberg looks at one company that’s trying to change that model, by giving people wide-ranging, soup-to-nuts financial advice the same way they get health insurance-through their employers.
– The Wall Street Journal
Americans going to the polls in November will judge whether their lives have improved enough since Barack Obama was elected president during a deep recession. The latest measure of their incomes could support arguments from both leading presidential candidates.