About 4 years ago

10/25/2019 - Germany’s Labor System Would Be Difficult To Import To U.S.

– The Wall Street Journal
Democratic presidential candidates push for elements of Sozialpartnerschaft, but labor experts say it is uniquely German.
– The New York Times
The political dividing line in America used to be between cities, which were mostly Democratic, and suburbs, which had long been Republican. But today it runs through the very center of the suburbs themselves.
– The Wall Street Journal
Facebook’s COO and other executives say leadership gaps for women, people of color won’t narrow unless companies focus on first promotions.
– The Wall Street Journal
While losing its stranglehold on the market, Grubhub has also become less profitable. It could get worse. Grubhub and its competitors have lately caught regulators’ attention for the steep cuts they charge restaurant customers in key geographies such as New York City.