About 10 months ago

08/26/2021 - Get Shots Or Get Out, U.S. Employers Are Telling Workers

– Bloomberg
Sandra Crouse Quinn, a professor in the University of Maryland’s School of Public Health, said she expected an “avalanche” of similar moves among public and private institutions. “Companies and universities believe that they have a stronger leg to stand on to mandate vaccines,” she said.
The industry is hitting many milestones: record numbers of workers quitting and getting hired, wages and prices on the rise. And despite the pandemic devastation, brand-new stores are still opening as shoppers spend more than ever.
– The Washington Post
Republicans who have otherwise fought tooth and nail against vaccine mandates have been surprisingly quiet about the prospect of employer mandates.
– The Washington Post
As federal policymakers search for ways to boost America’s vaccination rates, a lack of paid sick leave is playing a role in deterring low-wage workers from taking time off to get vaccinated, according to surveys and policy experts.