About 4 years ago

10/18/2018 - The Great American Health Care Panic

– POLITICO Magazine
In an iconic Philadelphia suburb, POLITICO takes a deep dive interviewing swing voters. They find that there’s one thing Republicans and Democrats agree on: The country’s health care system is broken and getting worse.
 The Atlantic
A story from The Center for Public Integrity examines the billionaires who have funded initiatives on drug treatment, alternative energy and in-home care for seniors, but some corporations and state activists wish they would keep their money and stay away.

That Fancy Sea Salt Likely Contains Plastic, Study Finds

According to a new environmental study that found that 90 percent of the salts sold globally contain microplastics.
– TIME Magazine
Indivisible N.C. 9 is just one platoon in a volunteer army that has stormed the field after Trump’s election in 2016. The forces are vast and decentralized; they have different ideologies and support different kinds of candidates. But they’re united by a common mission: to oppose Trump’s policies, pressure their local Republican representatives and elect Democrats to replace them in the Nov. 6 midterms.