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02/27/2018 - Growing The Economy In The Future Means Talking About Consequences Today

Growing The Economy In The Future Means Talking About Consequences Today

– The Washington Post

At the core of our national consciousness is a shared belief that we achieve economic growth by meeting consumer demands in a market economy. What isn’t shared is a common frame of reference of whether external consequences must be included in this analysis. This is particularly true for technology.

What Stands Between Bezos, Buffett, And Dimon And A Health-Care Fix

– Bloomberg

With the U.S. health-care system appearing incapable of taming runaway price inflation, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, and Jamie Dimon think they can do better. Perhaps only titans with the resources of Amazon.com, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan Chase can contemplate such a thing. But changing the convoluted practices that determine drug costs will require them to take on powerful players who are already fighting among themselves.

How Drone Package Delivery Can Help Fight Climate Change

– Axios

A new study concludes that using battery-powered drones for consumer package deliveries can be more climate-friendly than diesel trucks under certain circumstances. The analysis of greenhouse gas emissions from competing delivery methods comes as corporate giants like Amazon, Google and UPS are exploring use of drones.

The Trump Administration Is Abandoning McDonald’s Workers – And Everyone Else

– The Washington Post

Former NLRB Board Member Sharon Block gives a spirited defense that McDonald’s USA and McDonald’s franchisees are joint employers.