About 4 years ago

06/13/2019 - Here’s How Tariffs Will Raise Prices At Some Of America’s Best-Known Companies

– The Washington Post
An analysis of the impact of tariffs on various consumer brands. Chipotle is discussed.
– The Washington Post
Eight U.S. senators, including four presidential contenders, called on McDonald’s to do more to combat workplace harassment, saying the number of misconduct reports is “unacceptable.”
– The Wall Street Journal
Food-delivery companies like DoorDash, Grubhub and Uber Eats continue to grow their business and gain market share, but not all restaurants are benefiting.
– Axios
Companies are taking ever more daring positions on social and political issues because of intense pressure from the public and their own employees. At a time of rock bottom trust in institutions and leaders, corporations are among the very few remaining bastions of public confidence, says Edelman, the public relations firm.