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12/14/2017 - Hotels Add ‘Panic Buttons’ To Protect Housekeepers From Guests

Hotels Add ‘Panic Buttons’ To Protect Housekeepers From Guests

– Bloomberg

Hotels are under new scrutiny when it comes to keeping their employees safe at work, even when the threats don’t come from other workers. Bloomberg looks at how some brands are making changes to protect their employees.

Target Is Buying Alabama-Based, Same-Day Delivery Service Shipt For $550 Million

– Tech Crunch

“Target, America’s other favorite old-line retailer (the one that’s not Walmart), is buying the Alabama-based delivery startup Shipt in a $550 million all-cash transaction. The deal is another example of how every single store in America is responding to the very real threat that Amazon will drink their milkshake and eat their lunch, shortly after it delivers those things to their doors in 30 minutesor less.”

False Promises: When Politicians And Executives Get Caught Out

– The Economist

In case there was any doubt that e-commerce has reshaped the retail landscape, the federal reserve is now reporting that consumer’s online purchasing habits are impacting (mitigating) inflation.

Employers Aren’t The Only Ones Shouldering Blame For The Skills Gap

– HR Dive

“Take a deep breath and calm down,” write the authors of a recent study on how technology will impact jobs. Futurists and Silicon Valley-types worried about robots and artificial intelligence taking over for humans are overly alarmed, they say, adding that it is misleading when people like the World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab say that “the speed of current breakthroughs has no historical precedent.”