About 2 years ago

12/04/2020 - Hundreds Of Politicians Take Aim At Amazon’s Jeff Bezos In Protest Letter

Four hundred and one left-leaning politicians across 34 countries in Europe, South and North America and Asia have signed an open letter addressed to Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, warning that the e-commerce giant’s “days of impunity are over.” The politicians pledge to support the “Make Amazon Pay” movement in their national political institutions.
Support for Proposition 118, fueled in part by a heightened awareness of the need for paid leave during a global health crisis, bridged party and geographic lines.
– The Wall Street Journal
Between 19% and 36% of all business trips could disappear, given efficiencies developed during the lockdown, our Middle Seat columnist and airline experts estimate.
– Bloomberg
Drivers and couriers are far more likely to be non-citizens, meaning they won’t get a say in the brewing political fights over their jobs.