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09/15/2015 - Introducing: Align Public Strategies



ORLANDO, Fla., (SEPTEMBER 14, 2015):  Align Public Strategies, a full service public affairs and creative firm that helps corporate brands, governments and nonprofits navigate the outside world and inform their internal decision-making, launched today.

Headquartered in Orlando, Align Public Strategies handles national issues and multi-state strategy for a portfolio of flagship clients including; the country’s largest employers, Fortune 100 brands and national associations.

Align Public Strategies is made up of former corporate executives, journalists, senior government officials, campaign leaders and public relations and creative professionals who have run their own successful organizations and have come together to form a firm that provides clients with innovative strategies to navigate the rapidly-changing public affairs environment.

“Our firm name speaks directly to what we do,” said Align Managing Partner Joe Kefauver.  “As a unique kind of counselor to the business, we specialize in taking companies’ external-facing platforms and synchronizing or ‘aligning’ them in a way that turns reputation management from a challenge into a competitive advantage.  We help clients understand what’s important, why it’s important and what’s likely to happen next on the issues that matter most to them.”

“This platform gives us the ability to help clients not only protect their company’s image, but also grow their brand through the use of creative public relations and social media campaigns that drive buzz and raise awareness,” said Align Partner and Public Relations Director Mike Harris. 

“The other facet of our firm that’s special is the scope of services we offer under one roof that gives clients tools to meaningfully engage on those important issues,” remarked Align Partner Carson Chandler.  “Our new firm is a ‘one stop shop’ for public affairs, with the ability to integrate a comprehensive suite of public relations, design and creative capabilities into everything we do.”

Align Public Strategies’ capabilities include:

  • Issue Management:We help companies, governments and other non-governmental organizations prepare for and integrate policy changes in a way that not only protects their business interests, but also gives them a competitive advantage.
  • Corporate Communication:We help clients develop and execute core messaging and strategic communications efforts across various corporate stakeholder groups including employees, franchisees, investors, boards of directors, vendors and senior executives.
  • Community Engagement:We assist our clients in building community stakeholder/influencer support for their initiatives, both locally and nationally. We work to build local coalitions of third-party allies and validators that can be leveraged to advance a company or organization’s business or reputational objectives.
  • Media & Public Relations:We build creative, high impact earned media campaigns that secure top tier placements.  We deliver expert media training and presentation training.  We perform top tier story development and cutting edge research.
  • Digital & Social Media:We offer a full service suite of new media support that includes creative design, digital media, website development and leveraging rapidly evolving social media platforms.
  • Video Production & Photography:We offer full service video production, event coverage, cinematic storytelling and still photography.



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