About 2 years ago

10/23/2020 - Iowa Never Locked Down. Its Economy Is Struggling Anyway.

– The New York Times
President Trump and many supporters blame restrictions on business activity, often imposed by Democratic governors and mayors, for prolonging the economic crisis initially caused by the virus. But the experience of states like Iowa shows the economy is far from back to normal even in Republican-led states that have imposed few business restrictions.
– The Wall Street Journal
Uber and Lyft would need to comply with the reclassification within 30 days of a formal ruling, which could take several weeks.
Leo Hindery, Jr., a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and formerly CEO of AT&T Broadband, offers commentary in support of union membership.
– The Washington Post
While CDC recommendations do advise that reusable items are okay as long as they are properly handled and sanitized, restaurateurs lean toward disposable options when faced with a wary clientele, even when they already have excellent sanitization procedures in place.