About 5 years ago

06/06/2018 - The Jobs Recovery: A Longer View

– The New York Times
Politicians, investors and, yes, journalists love to obsess over the month-to-month swings in the job numbers. But the true story of the recovery is one of remarkable consistency. American employers have added jobs for 92 straight months – far and away the longest streak on record – and apart from a few blips, the gains have been steady.
 The Wall Street Journal
Lawsuits accusing companies of wage discrepancies are often filed by workers who say managers expected them to do job tasks after they clocked out, or failed to pay employees on the occasions they worked during rest and meal breaks. Workers also file cases alleging they worked extra hours but were shortchanged overtime pay or were misclassified as exempt from overtime.
– The Washington Post
One of America’s most widely recognized CEOs, Schultz long ago emerged as an outspoken leader on civic issues such as immigration, LGBTQ issues and gun control. This move has reignited speculation that a plan to run for political office could be in his future.
– Fast Company
McDonald’s has a new plan to boost sales: self-serve ordering kiosks where people put in the hard work of requesting no onions on their Big Mac themselves.