About 2 years ago

09/17/2020 - The Labor Market Doesn’t Have A ‘Skills Gap’- It Has An Opportunity Gap

– The Brookings Institution
From The Brookings Institution: “To solve long-term talent pipeline problems, government must partner with employers to co-invest in talent development. For employers, the solution must go beyond a focus on skills – all the upskilling in the world won’t address deeply embedded social exclusion in hiring and discrimination in labor markets.”
– The Washington Post
The nation’s worsening wealth gap is fueled by an economic model that allows large corporations to prioritize shareholder payouts over employee wages, Oxfam reports.
– The New York Times
Benefits depend on where people work, and the kind of job they have, a new survey finds, highlighting disparities that predate the pandemic.
– Eater
Restaurants in the city will be able to tack on the extra charge as a COVID-19 recovery measure.