About 5 months ago

04/30/2021 - Labor Secretary Says Gig Workers Should Be Classified As Employees In ‘A Lot Of Cases’

– The Washington Post
Labor Secretary Marty Walsh said that a lot of gig workers are misclassified as contractors on Thursday, sending stocks of tech companies such as Uber, Lyft and DoorDash falling amid speculation about the future of the fraught business model in the Biden administration.
– The Wall Street Journal
A new analysis suggests some heavy indigestion ahead for companies in the industry.
– The Washington Post
Economists are especially concerned about the sharply divergent situation for college-educated workers versus non-college educated since October. Even as more and more restaurants, hotels and other service sector businesses have reopened, hiring has continued to backslide for non-college-educated workers.
– The Sacramento Bee
A new California law directing employers to provide benefits to more workers applies to truck drivers, a federal court ruled Wednesday as it overturned a previous decision that had allowed them to operate as independent contractors.