About 10 months ago

09/08/2021 - Labor Shortage Leaves Union Workers Feeling More Emboldened

– Associated Press
With Help Wanted signs at factories and businesses spreading across the nation, in manufacturing and in service industries, union workers are seizing the opportunity to try to recover some of their bargaining power.
– Bloomberg
Municipalities are tired of footing the bill for recycling excessive packaging materials, from cardboard to foils to plastic. New extended producer responsibility legislation aims to force companies to pay up.
– The Hill
According to a research fellow from the Competitive Enterprise Institute, “An individual worker should absolutely have the right to join with other workers to collectively bargain as a union. An individual worker should also absolutely have the right to decide against joining a union. The PRO Act drastically limits the right of an individual worker to say no.”
Around this Labor Day, the nation faces an overriding question. Where is the labor? And when is it coming back?