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12/19/2018 - Why Are These Labor Unions Opposing Medicare For All?

– In These Times
The story of 20th-century healthcare reform in America makes a persuasive case that mobilizing organized labor remains a decisive factor when it comes to changing healthcare policy.
A tight labor market is putting the squeeze on restaurant profits and creating a strong incentive for them to find ways to increase efficiencies.

‘Future of Work’ Policy To Take Shape Outside Of Congress

– Bloomberg
State legislatures and the Trump administration are likely to help move forward on regulations and laws governing the future workforce, filling a void left by a divided Congress that has yet to come up with any sort of bipartisan strategy.
– Axios
For the last several years, some of the world’s leading thinkers have fretted over robots and artificial intelligence, with one particular worry – whether jobs across the U.S. and the rest of the advanced economies are going to be wiped out.