About 3 years ago

03/04/2020 - Our Lack Of Paid Sick Leave Will Make The Coronavirus Worse

-The Washington Post
From The Washington Post: “The roughly 1 in 4 U.S. workers with no paid sick time are more likely to work while ill, data show, exposing colleagues and customers, and extending the outbreak’s reach.”
– Yahoo News
As more chains, eliminate single-use plastics overseas, it may become harder to justify their use in the states.
At “Walmart Health,” which has a separate entrance next door to a massive Walmart supercenter, patients can see doctors for routine checkups and ongoing treatment of chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and heart disease, even if they lack health insurance.
Many employers aren’t just moving to 10-hour shifts, four days a week, as companies like Shake Shack are doing; they’re going to a 32-hour week – without cutting pay. In exchange, employers are asking their workers to get their jobs done in a compressed amount of time.