About 4 years ago

03/26/2019 - Legalized Marijuana Gives Hiring Managers A Headache

– The Wall Street Journal
Companies facing a shortage of employees from health-care workers to forklift operators are confronting a new challenge: finding candidates who can pass drug tests in states that have legalized marijuana.
 The New Yorker 
A worker’s-rights organization called United for Respect helped a Walmart employee draft a resolution that she plans to present to Congress on Tuesday – and, later, at Walmart’s annual shareholders’ meeting – urging the company to place a significant number of hourly retail employees on its board of directors so that they might have input on major corporate decisions.
– The Washington Post
“Research has shown that up to 88 percent of college students skip breakfast, primarily because of lack of time, but that number is starting to turn around when delivery robots arrive on campus,” Starship Technologies said in a statement released Monday.
– The Washington Post
Former president Barack Obama gently warned a group of freshman House Democrats Monday evening about the costs associated with some liberal ideas popular in their ranks, encouraging members to look at price tags, according to people in the room.