About 2 years ago

08/06/2020 - Liability Shield Is A Stumbling Block As Lawmakers Debate Relief

-The New York Times
Athletes have joined workers who believe legal protections for corporations are not warranted. Senate Republicans support a shield but the White House has been noncommittal.
– Bloomberg
One-fifth of small companies are planning to dismiss workers or have already done so after using up their federal PPP loans, and nearly half of firms said they will need additional aid over the next year, according to a NFIB survey. Another poll led by Cornell University showed about one in four workers hired back thanks to PPP were told by their employer they may be fired again.
– Vox
Congress should consider bailouts of bars, restaurants, and coffee shops, and states and cities that need tax revenue.
– Bloomberg
Outdoor spaces hastily fancified for low-risk dining are keeping thousands of U.S. restaurants from closing permanently. But crashing the dinner party are tropical storms, rats – and the occasional out-of-control vehicle.