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04/24/2018 - How The Loss Of Union Power Has Hurt American Manufacturing

How The Loss Of Union Power Has Hurt American Manufacturing

– The New York Times

From the New York Times: Want to make America great again and keep factories in the United States? Try strengthening labor unions. That may seem counterintuitive, and certainly contrary to the direction the country has been moving in lately. But the reality is that when organized labor dug in its heels – as it did regularly in the United States until late in the 20th century – manufacturing companies thought twice about shutting a factory and transferring production to another country.

Starbucks Lacks Clear Guidance For Employees On Nonpaying Customers

– The Wall Street Journal

Starbucks fosters idea that customers are welcome to work or hang out in its cafes, yet there is no consistent policy on how long.

A Time For Big Economic Ideas

– The New York Times

From wage boards where companies and workers would negotiate over industry wide pay…to a federal jobs program that puts people to work earning $15 an hour on vital projects like infrastructure and child care… the New York Times explores “big ideas” being discussed and proposed to combat America’s economic challenges.

Jeff Bezos Made 1.2 million Times The Median Amazon Employee In 2017

– Fast Company

From Fast Company: “The gap between Bezos and his workers also highlights the company’s dependence on the army of low-paid workers who fulfill online orders across dozens of distribution centers. While many employees at its Seattle headquarters make upwards of $100,000 a year, the bulk of Amazon’s workers work alongside robots at these warehouses across the U.S. And according to various analyses, they are often paid below-average wages.”