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04/02/2018 - How Major Mergers Are Changing Your Favorite Private Brands

How Major Mergers Are Changing Your Favorite Private Brands– Forbes

It’s one of hundreds, maybe thousands, of private label brands that are rapidly becoming the stars of supermarket shelves in an estimated $166 billion market. From Trader Joe’s portfolio of in-store labels to Kroger’s Simple Truth, private brands have gained the power, and trust, to influence a shopper’s store choice. But when a retail chain is acquired, what is to become of that brand?
The Finance 202: Big Business Isn’t Championing Tax Cuts. That Could Hurt Republicans In The Midterms

– The Washington Post

Republicans are counting on their $1.5 trillion tax cut to stave off a midterm disaster, but the measure’s big-business champions so far aren’t investing in a major, coordinated blitz to sell skeptical voters on its benefits.

Hotels Hope That Tax Law Will Revive Corporate Meetings

– The New York Times

The hotel business has been a good one in recent years, as the economy has gathered strength. But there’s one area that’s been lagging – hosting corporate meeting and conferences. Now, the hotel industry is hoping that lower corporate taxes will finally change that.

Jeff Bezos Gave A Sneak Peek Into Amazon’s Future

– MIT Technology Review

Amazon is a notoriously secretive company, but its recent conference provides a glance at its far-out plans.