About 4 years ago

10/31/2018 - McDonald’s New Employee Perk: Career Advice

– CBS News
McDonald’s is following others, rolling out new creative benefits for their employees in an effort to attract and retain top talent.
Major soft drink companies and large grocery firms have pumped millions of dollars into campaigns for two ballot measures in the Pacific Northwest that would block future increases in state and local taxes that could affect their lines of business.

Young People Might Actually Turn Out For The Midterms

– The Atlantic
As politics becomes more personal for young Americans, new data suggest they could vote next week in numbers not seen in more than 30 years.
– Harvard Business Review
Every day there are news stories about the so-called gig economy where workers contribute part or full-time labor – not as employees with benefits, but as independent contractors. But there are lots of myths about gig work, whether full-time or part-time. It’s growing, but not as much as you think, and in ways that may be very different than you imagine.