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03/20/2018 - McDonald’s and NLRB Reach Settlement in Joint-Employer Case

McDonald’s and NLRB Reach Settlement in Joint-Employer Case

– Nation’s Restaurant News

Over the past few weeks, labor activists have condemned any settlement agreement between McDonald’s and the NLRB that would fail to establish joint employer liability between McDonald’s USA and it franchisees. However, pending the approval of an Administrative Law Judge, it appears as if the Board has done just that, and in the process struck a major blow to the SEIU’s organizing campaign.

America Was Not Always Pro-Corporations

– The Washington Post

Corporations were initially severely limited in the ways they could operate. Interstate banking was restricted. However, today, as the Founding Fathers feared, corporations have used their money and power to overwhelm the ability of real people to control our political leaders.

Robots Are Shifting Income From Workers To Owners

– Axios

In the 19th century, it took six decades after the Luddites for the wages of textile workers to recover from the advent of weaving machines. We are in the midst of another such gap now, according to David Autor, a pioneering labor economist at MIT.

Lawmakers Agree On Paid Family Leave, But Not The Details

– National Public Radio

NPR provides a breakdown of all paid leave laws across the country. Few politicians oppose paid leave; however, Democrats and Republicans approach the issue in different ways.