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09/14/2017 - Midnight Reads – 15% Of Big US Chain Restaurant Locations Were in Hurricane-Exposed Areas

15% Of Big US Chain Restaurant Locations Were in Hurricane-Exposed Areas

– Yahoo! Finance 

America’s publicly-traded restaurant chains had 13,000 locations, or 15% of total units, in hurricane-exposed areas, according to Credit Suisse’s Jason West. And this could spell more bad news for the already-ailing quick serve and casual dining group.


Why a Record Number of States Passed Budgets Late This Year (If At All)

– Governing 

As the number of split-power statehouses has increased in recent years, so too have late state budgets. A whopping 11 states started their current fiscal years without a signed budget, and another 10 missed their initial deadline and had to call a special session to approve a spending plan. It’s the highest number of stalled budgets in recent memory and the product of increasingly tense political and economic factors.


Opioid Use May Explain 20% of Drop in American Men’s Labor-Force Participation

– Bloomberg 

A Princeton economic study suggests that opioid use is responsible for a fifth of the decline in men’s participation in the U.S. labor force. Bloomberg explores that research here.


The Science of Pep Talks

– Harvard Business Review 

The Harvard Business Review takes a deep dive with corporate leaders across different industries about why the ability to deliver an energizing pep talk that spurs employees to better performance is a prerequisite for any business leader.