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05/17/2017 - Midnight Reads – Automation Will Have a Bigger Impact on Jobs in Smaller Cities

Automation Will Have a Bigger Impact on Jobs in Smaller Cities

– New Scientist 

The robot takeover will start in the smaller cities. A new study found that the types of jobs that are hardest to automate become increasingly prevalent in larger cities. The job of a checkout assistant is relatively easy to automate, and so regardless of a city’s population you would expect the proportion of residents there with that job to remain the same. But the proportion of people with jobs that rely on analytical, management and organizational skills, such as computer scientists or chemists, increases with city size.


What in the World Is Causing the Retail Meltdown of 2017?

– The Atlantic 

In the middle of an economic recovery, hundreds of shops and malls are shuttering. The reasons why go far beyond Amazon. While overall retail spending continues to grow steadily several trends-including the rise of e-commerce, the over-supply of malls, and the surprising effects of a restaurant renaissance-have conspired to change the face of American shopping.

Here’s How Cities Are Surviving the Retail Meltdown

– CityLab

Cities and suburbs are getting clobbered by the collapse of the retail sector. The proliferation of half-vacant shopping centers and abandoned malls on the fringes of cities has become such a pervasive problem that we have a new word for it: greyfields. But there are ways to use the crisis as a way to speed long-overdue land use reforms. Here are three ways that cities could fend off the retail meltdowns in their midst.
Publix Rolls Out Meal Kits to Compete With Blue Apron, Plated – And Kroger And Fresh Market

– Triad Business Journal 

The restaurant industry hasn’t experienced disruption like the taxi industry, lodging or retail, but that may be soon changing. By making home cooking as easy and convenient as possible — short of shipping it directly to your door — Publix is hoping consumers might grab one of its meal kits instead of takeout on busy evenings.