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08/02/2017 - Midnight Reads – Bernie Sanders’s Campaign Isn’t Over

Bernie Sanders’s Campaign Isn’t Over

– The New Yorker 

In Trump’s America, the Independent senator is fighting to win back the heartland for Democrats. The electoral map, with its imposing swaths of red, points to a crisis confronting American liberalism. Progressives do not have much of a foothold in this country. What they have is Bernie Sanders.


The Quitting Economy

– Aeon

If you are a white-collar worker, it is simply rational to view yourself first and foremost as a job quitter – someone who takes a job for a certain amount of time when the best outcome is that you quit for another job (and the worst is that you get laid off). So how does work change when everyone is trying to become a quitter?


Self-Driving People, Enabled by Airbnb

– The New York Times 

Thomas Friedman of the New York Times opines on how platform’s economy disruption may turn the entire economy into a gig economy.


We Need to Blaze a New Trail That Restores the Link Between Work and Wealth

– The Aspen Institute 

In Washington circles, there are two conversations on how to support working families. One is a conversation about work: how to create jobs, raise wages, reduce unemployment, and ensure that workers get the support they need for success, such as training, predictable scheduling, overtime pay and paid leave. Another is a conversation about wealth: how to help families build assets, retirement and liquid savings, buy a home, obtain insurance, and manage their credit and debt. In both, there’s increasing concern over the economic security of American households. Yet the two conversations are disconnected from each other.