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03/23/2017 - Midnight Reads – How Big Data Broke American Politics

How Big Data Broke American Politics

– NBC News

From NBC News: Big Data revolutionized the way American politicians win elections. In the process, it broke American politics. Here’s their theory: The reason our lawmakers aren’t responding to the center of the electorate is because they’ve concluded (with ample electoral evidence) that they don’t need centrist or swing voters to win.


Americans Ate 19% Less Beef From ’05 to ’14, Report Says

– The New York Times 

Americans are eating significantly less beef than they were 10 years ago. Why? The New York Times takes a look.


Chefs Struggle Over Whether to Serve Up Politics

– The New York Times 

Sanctuary restaurants are not like sanctuary cities, which have laws to protect undocumented immigrants. Joining the sanctuary restaurant movement doesn’t mean much more than taking a pledge to prohibit harassment based on factors like religion, sexual orientation or immigration status. Many restaurant owners and chefs are navigating new waters in a country divided.


That Deleted McDonald’s Tweet? Too Surreal, Even For Fast-Food Twitter

– Wired 

Wired looks at how Twitter is giving even the oldest companies a chance to reshape their public persona-and serve as a pushback to their “vague, sterile public images.” But if the idea of a fast-food social media account going off the rails totally surprises you, you haven’t been spending too much time on Twitter, where burger chains and national