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07/10/2017 - Midnight Reads – The Biggest Winner in The Current Health-Care Debate: Single-Payer

The Biggest Winner in The Current Health-Care Debate: Single-Payer

– The Washington Post

The logical foundations for a single-payer health care system are being laid out in our political debate just about every single day. And when you pair that with the rising public support for government-run health care, it’s clear in which direction this whole debate is trending. The reality of entitlement programs and government benefits is that, once they are instituted, it’s very, very difficult to get rid of them or even scale them back.


Ivanka Trump Replies on Paid Family Leave

– The Wall Street Journal 

Ivanka Trump contends that providing a national guaranteed paid-leave program isn’t an entitlement, it’s an investment in America’s working families. A recent poll by the National Partnership for Women and Families found that 82% of voters also think it is important for Congress to consider a paid-leave program. The Wall Street Journal opines here.


These Are the Fast Food Chains that Treat Their Workers the Best (And Worst)


If so many fast food chains have been accused of financial improprieties and low pay, are any actually good to the people they employ? According to various surveys and employee reviews on sites like Glassdoor and Indeed, a few fast food chains are notably better to work for.


The ‘Retail Apocalypse’ Might Just Mean the Reinvention of the Shopping Experience

– Racked

Apocalypse, meltdown, death spiral: No matter the term, the economic wrecking ball slowly reducing the giants of American retail to rubble is bad news, and poised to get worse. But viewing these trends as a disaster instead of a bigger cultural and commercial shift misses the point. While the giants are falling, smaller players are figuring out how to reinvent the store experience for the 21st century, focusing on authenticity and community while, in many ways, thinking about sales second.