About 6 years ago

11/21/2016 - Midnight Reads – How CEOs Are Responding To Donald Trump’s Win

– The Washington Post 
CEOs, who laid low during the campaign for fear of being attacked, are now looking to take advantage of legislative opportunities they didn’t think possible. The Republican-controlled Congress is expected to usher in pro-business changes such as tax reform, infrastructure plans and regulatory changes that have some in the business community excited.

– The New York Times 
Some of Mr. Trump’s campaign promises cut in the direction of higher economic growth and corporate profits such as lower taxes on business, fewer regulations and a burst of infrastructure spending. Other promises point toward lower profits and a challenging environment such as renegotiating or abandoning NAFTA. One way to interpret market movement over the years ahead is as a continuous bet on which set of policies the Trump administration will pursue with most vigor.

– The Atlantic 
Of all the overlapping generational, racial, and educational divides that explained Trump’s stunning upset over Hillary Clinton last week, none proved more powerful than the distance between the Democrats’ continued dominance of the largest metropolitan areas, and the stampede toward the GOP almost everywhere else. The Atlantic takes an in-depth look at how the 2016 election exposed a chasm between urban and non-urban America.

– The New York Times
One side has most of the land. The other side has most of the population. The NYT analyzed the election results and created two new imaginary nations by slicing the country along the sharp divide between Republican and Democratic Americas.