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03/08/2017 - Midnight Reads – Congress Still Seeks Ways to Adapt to Gig Economy

Congress Still Seeks Ways to Adapt to Gig Economy

– Bloomberg BNA

All employers should watch developments in labor policy related to “gig economy” workers. Those political conversations and policy adjustments, in many cases, may capture entry level workers and also have supply chain implications.


Tony Blair: Against Populism, the Center Must Hold

– The New York Times 

The forces of technology and global trade have broken up traditional left-right politics, therefore, progressives need to build a new coalition – an alliance between those driving the technological revolution and those responsible for public policy. At present, there is a chasm of understanding between the two which will inevitably continue to be a negative impact on jobs from artificial intelligence and big data, while the opportunities to change lives for the better through technology are enormous.


Why Touch Screens Are Changing How We Order at Restaurants

– The Washington Post 

Is this another example of robots stealing jobs from people? Not quite. “Our system doesn’t reduce labor. It’s a common misconception,” said Tommy Woycik, president and founder of Nextep Systems, which provides restaurants with touch-screen technology. What it does do, he said, is shift the type of labor.


These Office Sensors Can Track Employees Wherever They Go

– The Washington Post 

The Internet of Things age is here. Sensors are now entering the workplace, tracking inventory, monitoring temperatures, turning off lights…and, as the Washington Post reports, keeping an eye on exactly what employees are doing at all times.