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08/14/2017 - Midnight Reads – Free Lunches’ Like The $15 Minimum Wage May Hurt the People They’re Meant to Help

Free Lunches’ Like The $15 Minimum Wage May Hurt the People They’re Meant to Help

– The Washington Post 

The Washington Post’s Catherine Rampell muses that as Democratic leadership has increasingly embraced the far-left impulses of its base, she’s become convinced that the left needs to think harder about the unintended consequences of such benevolent-seeming proposals.


Tight Job Market Is Good for Felons, People with Disabilities and Others Who Are Hard to Employ. But Can It Last?

– The Los Angeles Times

As the nation enters its ninth year of economic expansion next month, the low unemployment and tightening labor market have begun to open doors for people who not long ago had all but given up any hopes of returning to the workplace. If decent job growth keeps up as most economists expect, groups with historically high unemployment — people with criminal records, disabilities, low skills or little education — could make some real gains, as they did in the late 1990s.


At the Heart of Every Restaurant

– The Washington Post 

Plenty of bandwidth has been lavished on the men and women who cook the food, pour the wine and otherwise pamper us in restaurants. Scant attention has been paid to some of the lowest-paid workers with the most responsibility, the ones chefs say are the linchpins of the restaurant kitchen. After years of performing tasks no one else wants to do, the Washington Post looks at how “The unsung heroes of the kitchen might be finally getting their due.”


Food Fight: Brands Clash Over Nutrition Facts Labels

– The Wall Street Journal 

Food companies are clashing over how to tell people about what is in their products. Since the Food and Drug Administration said in June it would grant industry requests for more time to add new nutritional information to their product labels-designed to encourage people to eat healthier-some companies have decided to press ahead anyway.