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10/20/2017 - Midnight Reads – Insurers and Governors Urge GOP Lawmakers to Back Bipartisan Health Bill

Insurers and Governors Urge GOP Lawmakers to Back Bipartisan Health Bill

– The Wall Street Journal 

Support for a bipartisan health care deal from insurers, health groups and roughly a dozen governors of both parties is putting pressure on Republican lawmakers who have balked at the agreement and left its chances of passage uncertain.
A MacArthur ‘Genius’ on Overcoming Modern Farm Slavery

– The New York Times 

Last week, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation awarded Mr. Asbed one of 24 annual fellowships known colloquially as a “genius grant,” to support his work in this area. Mr. Asbed’s group, based in Immokalee, Fla., the state’s tomato capital, has reached agreements with Walmart, McDonald’s and a dozen other major buyers of farm products to take part in its Fair Food Program.


Opinion: The Trumpist Case for Janet Yellen

– The New York Times 

Janet Yellen, the Federal Reserve chairwoman, went to the White House today to interview for the job she currently holds. Her term ends early next year, and President Trump is deciding whether to reappoint her or pick someone else. The New York Times makes the case that the President should reappoint her.
Why Trump Will Regret Passing Tax Reform


To paraphrase the immortal words of Admiral Ackbar, the tax cut bill is a trap. If Trump actually does sign it into law, he might as well be signing his political death warrant. Not because tax cuts are a bad idea, or unpopular. Nor because tax relief will be invariably characterized, as it always is by liberals, as a giveaway to the rich. The reason the tax cut bill is a danger to Trump is that it’s the one last thing keeping the bulk of his own party in line behind him.