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01/20/2017 - Midnight Reads – Labor Attorneys Plot Response to Trump, Puzder

Labor Attorneys Plot Response to Trump, Puzder
– Bloomberg BNA
Some employment attorneys woke up Nov. 9 fearing they’d soon be losing the Labor Department as a dependable ally in wage-and-hour enforcement. Plaintiff attorneys, along with state and local agencies, are preparing to “fill the gap” under new Labor Department, which many expect will pivot toward employer compliance.

Women Make Gains Toward Winning CEO Job
– The Wall Street Journal
Women represent the strongest internal contenders for the corner office at a small but growing number of major U.S. companies. Their ultimate success could produce an unprecedented number of female chief executives.

Job Listings That Are Too ‘Feminine’ for Men
– The New York Times
One of the biggest economic riddles today is why out-of-work men aren’t pursuing the jobs that are growing the most, which are mainly in health care. A big reason is that these so-called pink-collar jobs are mostly done by women, and that turns off some men.

Key Elements of a Good Parental Leave Policy
– The Chicago Tribune
The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development studied paid maternity leave in 34 advanced nations where on average, mothers are entitled to 17 weeks. The United States is the only country with no national law to provide that benefit. If you are interested in coming up with a solid paid-leave program, here are a few key elements to put in place.