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09/26/2017 - Midnight Reads – The Large Parts of America Left Behind by Today’s Economy

The Large Parts of America Left Behind by Today’s Economy

– Axios 

Economic prosperity is concentrated in America’s elite zip codes, but economic stability outside of those communities is rapidly deteriorating. What that means: U.S. geographical economic inequality is growing, meaning your economic opportunity is more tied to your location than ever before.


Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Sure Sounds Like A 2020 Presidential Candidate

– The Washington Post 

Is there a path to the presidency for the progressive, former Starbucks CEO? Schultz would provide a direct contrast to the restaurant industry’s two most notable political surrogates, Andy Puzder and Herman Cain.


Target Raising Hourly Minimum Wage To $15 By 2020

– CBS Boston 

Target Corp. is raising its minimum hourly wage for its workers to $11 starting next month and then to $15 by the end of 2020 in a move it says will help it better recruit and retain top-quality staff and provide a better shopping experience for its customers. The initiative is part of the discounter’s overall strategy to reinvent its business that includes remodeling stores, expanding its online services and opening up smaller urban locations.


When Will the Economy Start Caring About Home-Care Work?

– The Atlantic 

Home-health and personal-care work is one of the country’s fastest-growing occupational sectors. But it is one marked by low pay and meager benefits, a problem that might become more urgent as the U.S.’s population continues to age. On top of that, care workers face high rates of wage theft, tax and benefits misclassification, and employer fraud, according to a new report from the National Employment Law Project.