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04/04/2017 - Midnight Reads – How to Make Tax Reform Bipartisan

How to Make Tax Reform Bipartisan

– The Wall Street Journal 

The implosion of the Republican healthcare bill shows the limits of what one party alone can do in Washington. Tax reform will be even trickier, since it touches a larger fraction of the economy and threatens more powerful vested interests. The only hope for seriously revamping America’s inefficient business-tax system to unlock stronger economic growth is a bipartisan approach, but it will require a course correction by President Trump. Here are five important steps to building a sensible tax reform.


Platform Companies Are Becoming More Powerful – but What Exactly Do They Want?

– The New York Times 

The on-demand economy is transforming the American marketplace. Platforms are, in a sense, capitalism distilled to its essence. They are proudly experimental and maximally consequential, prone to creating externalities and especially disinclined to address or even acknowledge what happens beyond their rising walls.This article explores how the company’s themselves are wrestling with what they’ve created, and their impact to workers, consumers and the marketplace.


How Major Hotel Brands Plan to Cut Food Waste

– Environmental Leader 

Twelve hotels across the country are participating in a three-month pilot program designed to reduce food waste. Participating locations will report weekly food waste totals and attempt to lower that tally over time. Hotel staffers will receive video-based educational programming to raise their awareness of the problem. And chefs will design menus that can be cooked on-demand to limit overproduction and reincorporate unserved leftovers.
The Midwest Is in Trouble

– City Lab

For all the talk of downtown revitalization in places like Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore, the numbers don’t lie.  The U.S. Census bureau released population estimates that show a grim picture for the post-industrial Midwest and Northeast.