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06/16/2017 - Midnight Reads – McDonald’s Is Using a New Method to Recruit Young Employees-Snapchat

McDonald’s Is Using a New Method to Recruit Young Employees-Snapchat

– Fortune 

Starting this week, Snapchat users may see a 10-second video ad from McDonald’s employees discussing their experience working there. Then users can then swipe up on the app to be redirected to McDonald’s career webpage in the app to apply for openings. It’s part of an effort by the company to meet job seekers where they are — their phones.


Millions of Young People Shut Out of the Housing Market

– The Wall Street Journal 

Roughly three million potential first-time home buyers have been shut out of the market over the last decade, according to a new study, suggesting the market’s recovery of the past few years could have been stronger. Tight lending standards and acute shortages of affordable housing in many markets have reduced the pool of potential buyers, particularly among young people, reducing a key component of housing demand.

Revenge of the Young Brits

– The New York Times 

Young people in the United States and Britain have something in common. They’re both living with a political reality that they don’t like. Can Democrats also translate anger among younger Americans (over Trump, rather than Brexit) into higher turnout? It would be a big deal if so, because turnout among millennials was only 49 percent last year, compared with 69 percent for baby boomers. Millennials represent the core employees of restaurant business models, so operators need to understand their potential impact.
On Labor, Trump Remains Outmanned by Democrats

– The Wall Street Journal 

Five months into President Donald Trump’s administration, the federal agency that referees disputes between unions and business is still controlled by Democrats, complicating the White House’s effort to roll back government oversight of the labor market. While the President can make nominations to tilt labor board to Republicans, confirmations could take months.