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09/05/2017 - Midnight Reads – Moody’s: Amazon Is ‘Weakest’ Of Large Retailers

Moody’s: Amazon Is ‘Weakest’ Of Large Retailers

– Chain Store Age 

Amazon isn’t as dominant as is widely believed — at least not according to a new report from Moody’s Investor Services. “Although Amazon’s share price is outperforming retailers, conventional methods of evaluating operating performance, such as operating margin or any profitability measure, suggest that Amazon is actually the weakest of the large retailers, excluding sales growth,” according to the Moody’s report.


Expert Doubles Down: Robots Still Threaten 47% Of U.S. Jobs

– Axios

An Oxford professor and leading expert in automation just doubled down on his position. He found that automation threatens 47% of American jobs, and it’s coming after retail next.


Here’s How Whole Foods’ New, Cheaper Prices Compare

– The Miami Herald

Amazon wants you to clean up in the aisles at Whole Foods Market. To punctuate its $13.7 billion purchase of Whole Foods on Monday, Amazon slashed prices on many grocery store staples, from eggs and milk to meats and pasta sauce. The grocery store chain that earned the “Whole Paycheck” moniker for premium products at premium prices has been struggling to compete with traditional supermarkets, which have started to offer organic and thoughtfully sourced products. Amazon wants to change all that.


Audacious Philanthropy

– Harvard Business Review 

Private philanthropists have helped propel some of the most important social-impact success stories of the past century: Virtually eradicating polio globally. Providing free and reduced-price lunches for all needy schoolchildren in the United States. Establishing a universal 911 service. Many of today’s emerging large-scale philanthropists aspire to similarly audacious successes. Steady, linear progress isn’t enough; they demand disruptive, catalytic, systemic change-and in short order. The Harvard Business Review analyzes some of the most successful philanthropic initiatives and their timelines.