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06/28/2017 - Midnight Reads – New Report Marks the Beginning of The End For ‘Fight For $15’

New Report Marks the Beginning of The End For ‘Fight For $15’

– Forbes 

The movement for $15 has faced significant setbacks in recent months. Policymakers in left-of-center locales such as Baltimore, Cleveland, and Montgomery County, MD, have declined to endorse $15, noting its negative impact on small businesses. Most recently, Seattle had to address the statistical harm that higher minimum wage has caused to the employees it’s meant to help. Is this the beginning of the end?


In Towns Already Hit by Steel Mill Closings, a New Casualty: Retail Jobs

– The New York Times 

Thousands of workers face unemployment as retailers struggle to adapt to online shopping. But even as e-commerce grows, it isn’t absorbing these workers.


Tight Job Market Is Good for Felons, People with Disabilities and Others Who Are Hard to Employ. But Can It Last?

– The Los Angeles Times 

As the nation enters its ninth year of economic expansion next month, the low unemployment and tightening labor market have begun to open doors for many people who, not long ago, had all but given up any hopes of returning to the workplace.


Technology Quarterly: Taking Flight

– The Economist 

After a pivotal year for the civilian drone industry, an interesting space is now opening up as drones start to be put to a range of commercial uses. Amazon, Alphabet’s X laboratory and several startups are developing drones for delivering packages. Facebook is working on a giant drone to provide internet access in remote areas. Energy utilities are looking at generating power using high-altitude tethered drones that act as flying wind turbines. Tiny insect-like drones may one day pollinate plants; big ones might carry not just cargo but people in self-flying sky taxis.