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04/21/2017 - Midnight Reads – NRN Lifts Curtain on Foreign-Born Workers

NRN Lifts Curtain on Foreign-Born Workers

– Nation’s Restaurant News 

In a special report called Immigration Impact, the Nation’s Restaurant News editorial team shines a light on the role of foreign-born workers in the foodservice industry. NRN contends that “the extent to which immigrants are part of the fabric of the food economy is surprising – even to us.”


The United States of Work

– The New Republic 

The New Republic takes a look at the United States of Work where “employers exercise vast control over our lives, even when we’re not on the job. How did our bosses gain power that the government itself doesn’t hold?” Against this bleak landscape, a growing body of scholarship aims to overturn our culture’s deepest assumptions about how work confers wealth, meaning, and care throughout society.


Amazon Has Patented an Automated On-Demand Clothing Factory

– Quartz

Standard operating procedure in the apparel industry goes like this: make clothes, and then sell them. It can take weeks, if not months, to manufacture clothes, so that step has to come first. It can be a costly upfront investment, and items that don’t sell get discounted, eating into margins. But Amazon, the ecommerce giant steadily growing into the largest apparel seller in the US, has another idea.


The Link Between Opioids and Unemployment

– The Atlantic 

In 2015, more Americans died from drug overdoses than from car accidents and gun homicides combined. That’s according to a startling interactive story published by The New York Times recently, which also noted that since 1990, drug-overdose deaths have increased by 500 percent. A new study suggests unemployment might be one of the factors behind that dramatic rise.