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02/09/2017 - Midnight Reads – President Trump’s Missing Labor Secretary

President Trump’s Missing Labor Secretary
– The Atlantic
This week will mark two months since Donald Trump, then the president-elect, named Andrew Puzder as his choice to be Secretary of Labor. The fast-food executive has submitted none of the paperwork required by the Senate committee overseeing his confirmation. As a result, the panel’s Republican chairman has delayed Puzder’s confirmation hearing four times, and now his testimony has been put off indefinitely. The Atlantic asks – will he ever get confirmed?

Can Trump Break the Democrats’ Grip on the Union Movement?
At a precarious time for the labor movement, President Trump is speaking directly to union members on issues that matter to them – trade, immigration and infrastructure spending. For generations, Republican presidents have tried to woo organized labor, with mixed and halting results. Donald Trump might be the first to do it more permanently.

Battle Lines Drawn Over Socially Conservative Legislation in South
– The Wall Street Journal
Socially conservative legislation pushed by Republicans in Southern states such as Georgia, Tennessee and Texas faces opposition from some business groups worried about the potential economic fallout.Proponents of such legislation say it protects religious beliefs or public safety in bathrooms. The coalitions argue it hurts states as they compete for businesses and workers.

Is the U.S. Economy Too Dynamic, or Not Dynamic Enough?
– The New York Times
The debate about what’s wrong with America’s economy has been thoroughly dominated by the idea that there is too much change, too much churn, too much disruption. But, new research suggests the opposite might be the problem, a lack of creation of new businesses and new jobs.