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10/02/2017 - Midnight Reads – Six Charts That Help Explain the Republican Tax Plan

Six Charts That Help Explain the Republican Tax Plan 

– The New York Times 

The Trump administration on Wednesday released a broad outline of a plan to make major changes to the tax code. Many important details were left for Congress to hash out, including how to pay for the tax cuts and which deductions to eliminate. The New York Times depicts key elements of the proposal here.


Why the Future Looks Like Pittsburgh

– CityLab

As cities around the country rush to respond to Amazon’s RFP for its new HQ2, it’s worth remembering that urban economies aren’t built by winning a contest; they are grown methodically by building on a region’s strengths.  Pittsburgh’s current position — as a center of world-class research institutions, technology-intense manufacturing, and high-skill workers — is the result of a decades-long process that began in small, niche research labs at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh and has grown organically into region-wide competencies.


Population Growth Means a City Is Thriving, or Does It?

– Governing 

Public officials and reporters alike adopt the myth that bigger is better. That’s not always the case.


Popcorn, Milk Duds and a Double Scotch, Please

– Governing 

Hoping to wring more profits out of moviegoers, theaters are asking cities for permission to serve alcohol. Despite some strong pushback, they’re mostly getting their way. Governing explores why.