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07/24/2017 - Midnight Reads – Tax Reform, Reagan Style, May Be a Tougher Fit for Trump

Tax Reform, Reagan Style, May Be a Tougher Fit for Trump

– The New York Times

What would be the elements of a tax reform plan that is fair and simple and will stimulate growth — not to mention attract at least 50 Republican votes in the Senate? A good place to start, say many Republicans and Democrats, is the Tax Reform Act of 1986, enacted under President Ronald Reagan with bipartisan support. The New York Times explains why.


Analyst: Meal Kits Will Help Amazon Truly Infiltrate Traditional Grocery Market

– Nation’s Restaurant News

The digital giant has claimed the word mark, “We do the prep. You be the chef,” for a new Blue Apron-like meal delivery product. Some analysts believe Amazon’s product expansion could send shockwaves through the grocery industry.


The City Where Retail and Residences Actually Mix Well

– Governing

Rather than concentrating all of its retail into a few corridors, as most cities do via strip malls, Portland has allowed it throughout its residential areas, particularly in its Eastside neighborhoods across the Willamette River from downtown. Some hubs are just a few blocks long and offer niche retail, while others are longer and include more practical features like grocery stores. Governing explores why this is great for cities and retailers.


TripAdvisor Study Shows Room for Growth in Restaurant Marketing

– Street Fight

Tight margins and fierce competition have always been hallmarks of the restaurant industry, but changes in the way consumers decide where to dine are forcing restaurateurs to get even more strategic in how they promote their businesses. According to the results of a new survey by TripAdvisor, more than eight in 10 restaurateurs in the United States believe they should be doing more to promote their businesses, but only 17% say they’ve hired a dedicated employee to handle marketing tasks and just 1% use an outside marketing consultant.